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With Cancer

In dedication ... Alejandra Herrera
March 26, 1996 - January 19, 2010

In December of 2007, Alejandra began her battle with cancer. She was in the 6th grade and eleven years old (Academy I Middle School, Jersey City, NJ). After three years of chemotherapy and radiation treatment, she lost the fight. She did not see her 14th birthday. But she never lost the smile and spirit of "Thank you for loving me and I'm happy."

No child should lose the opportunity to succeed. Throughout the world, there are children in Alejandra's position. Parents, their siblings, and family members become numb. Their lives become silent. They look to GOD's grace for answers and solutions. Their pain will never go away. But, we are a responsible and caring society that can help ease the hardships set upon them.

On Dec. 7th, 2012, CWWCF.org Board of Director, Ms. Rankin presented Brian Marsh Jr. with a $500 check. Brian is an 11 year old boy, from Middlesex, NJ. He is receiving treatment for Leukemia. CWWCF took the Marsh Family out for dinner (Tim Kerwin’s Restaurant, Middlesex, NJ). It gave the foundation the opportunity to meet Brian and his family. Greatly impressed with the Marsh Family's genuine demeaner. Brian’s positive attitude is an inspiration to everyone. Whenever you think you are having a bad day, reflect on the child’s battle with the “C” word. Brian is the third recipient. Previous recipients; the passing of Alejandra Herrera (Jersey City) and Brandon Dominguez (South Brunswick). We sincerely thank everyone for your generous support. The Children Wrestling with Cancer Foundation has 501(c)3 status. The IRS recognizes CWWCF.org with full tax deduction.

We are a nonprofit organization. All profits from the sale of my wrestling videos, wrestling video booklet, shirts and clinics go into the foundation (CWWCF), as well as all personal donations. The foundation's purpose is to help families who are not financially situated.

In July 2002, we did a fundraiser wrestling clinic for the Tomorrows Children's Fund (Hackensack Children's Hospital, NJ). Through the support of Wal-mart and the dedication of Mr. Mark Merritt, we raised $18,000 in one day. Equally important, we educated 80 wrestlers on children with cancer. No one gets paid and all donations went to the hospital. I wish to thank Coach Craig Messery (Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, Coach Gene Lezark and CJA Wrestling Club for their dedicated contributions. Also, 2008 Olympian, Steven Mocco for his dedicated time and effort.

On June 30th, 2010, I had the opportunity to be the guest speaker for Alejandra Herrera's Academy One Middle School Graduating Class. The Herrera Family was in attendance, and my speech was in dedication to Alejandra. CWWCF is inspired by Alejandra's passing. From Donn, “My personal illness will never take away my enthusiasm, dedication and enjoyment of seeing young people succeed.” My entire speech is available to everyone. Main topic: "Today's opportunity to excel versus limited opportunity during the Civil Rights Movement, 1955-1965." In March 2010, in dedication to Alejandra, the Academy One Middle School students did a fund raiser for CWWCF.

On February 25th, 2011, CWWCF donated $500.00 to the Brandon Dominquez Foundation. Brandon Dominquez was diagnosed in the fall of 2010 with Brain Cancer and is currently undergoing treatment in NYC. Brandon, a 10 year old student in South Brunswick, NJ, is the first recipient of CWWCF.

2013 CWWCF IN REVIEW. Through God's Calling, Children Wrestling With Cancer Foundation exists. Through your gracious support, CWWCF had another successful year. CWWCF raised and donated $6,000. "Helping Children Of Greater Needs." On Christmas Eve, we donated a $1,000 check to The Lehigh Valley Hospital, Children Cancer Ward, Allentown, PA. Also, CWWCF donated a $500 check to Chris Colucci, Sayreville High School Student, NJ (One of John Denuto's students.) Two separate checks for $250 for children cancer victims. CWWCF sponsored a two-day Wrestling Clinic for the Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy and raised $4,000 with the assistance of Coach Terry Brands (Iowa), Coach Steve Powell (Easton, PA), and Clinic Director Chris Bray (Newtown HS Wrestling Coach, Newtown, CT). On May 10th, Terry Brands conducted a two hour clinic at Easton High School in Easton, PA. Before leaving, he gave away free photos and autographs. Terry was accompanied by his family. That evening after the clinic, Terry, his family and I drove three hours to Newtown, CT. to complete his 17 hour trip without compensation. Coach Brands conducted the morning session, followed by free signing autographs and photos. Coach Powell arrived early to do the first afternoon session. Awesome clinician and a class act individual. I completed second afternoon session, assisted by my wrestling product, Michael Palomba, South River HS, NJ. Michael is now attending The Coast Guard Academy and competing for their Wrestling Team. To read this entire story, please click here. Since 2002, I have helped raised $30,000. And none of this would be possible without your support and trust in me. My appreciation is beyond words. Your thoughts and prayers definitely shine on me, to helping others. CWWCF, has a IRS, 501(c)3 full tax deductible.

Children Wrestling with Cancer Foundation (CWWCF) is now a 501(c)(3) Foundation.

On February 4, 2011, South River High School and East Brunswick High School competed in a wrestling match. During the week, Caity Palomba (founder) and Michael Palomba (co-founder) organized a fundraiser called "Takedown Cancer."

Through the efforts of Caity and Michael, $842.00 was raised. The money was donated to CWWCF.
Caity Palomba, Donn, Michael Palomba  
South River High School and East Brunswick High School

CJA Wrestling Club Team Photo
On the far left is Gene Lezark, coach and owner CJA WRESTLING CLUB, in the center is Pavel Pinigin, USSR
and far right Donn, founder of CWWCF. CJA Wrestling Club is a huge supporter of CWWCF.

On Nov 21, 2010, CWWCF sponsored PAVEL PINIGIN (USSR) 1976 Olympic Champion and 3X World Champion at CJA Wrestling Club. Mr. Campos, CWWCF attorney, spoke on the productivity of the cancer foundation progress.
The CJA family, parents and athletes made the day very special. I sincerely applaud all of you.

Facts from the National Cancer Institute

Incidence and Mortality Rate Trends
Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease among U.S. children between infancy and age 15. Approximately 10,730 new cases of pediatric cancer are expected to be diagnosed in children 0–14 years of age in 2009. Among the major types of childhood cancers, leukemia's (blood cell cancers) and brain and other central nervous system (CNS) tumors account for more than half of new cases. White children are more likely than children from any other ethnic group to develop cancer.

Although the incidence of invasive cancer in children has increased slightly over the past 30 years, mortality rates have declined by 50 percent for many childhood cancers.1 The combined 5-year survival rate for all childhood cancers has improved from less than 50 percent before the 1970's to 80 percent today, and the 10-year survival rate is almost 75 percent.

On Nov. 10, 2010, CWWCF had the honor to sponsor Lloyd Keaser's visit
to CJA Wrestling Club. CJA athletes and parents are huge supporters of CWWCF.
For more information please visit CJA Wrestling Club's web site.
Lloyd executes his Under hook and Ankle Pick; Set Up and Attacked on CJA Wrestler (Mike Palomba). Mike wrestles for South River High School, NJ. Lloyd's matches can be seen on Donn Ernst Wrestling Videos, "The Best of The Past, 1972-1976 Olympics". Lloyd demonstrates his Under Hook and Ankle Pick finished. Illustrated on CJA Wrestler (Mike Palomba).

Donn translates to Mike Palomba (South River High School, NJ) that Pavel Pinigin Sr. has invited the CJA Wrestling Club to Moscow and Yakutsk in July 2011. Donn speaks fluent Russian, "dah and nyehtt." Lloyd Keaser will accompany his Maryland Team with the CJA Wrestling Club. Donn will serve as Team Leader. Team will be coached by Gene Lezark and Lloyd Keaser. Also, Terry Brands (Iowa) will travel with the wrestling contingent. They will compete and train with Yakutian Wrestlers. Also they will meet the President of Republic of Sakha. They will get a first hand educational experience of the lifestyle of the Yakutian people and view other tourist sights. While in Moscow, Team will stay at 'Hotel Moskva' (Moscow), approximately 200 yards from Red Square (Kremlin). Yacht ride on the Moscow River with tourist guide. Sight seeing will include Sputnik (space ship), 1980 Moscow Olympics, various churches, and etc. Tentative travel date; leave July 18 and return July 28, 2011; Newark Liberty International Airport.

Donn makes a point to Pavel Pinigin Sr and Pavel Jr; that Jon Shleyfer
(East Brunswick High School, NJ) is one of CJA Wrestlers top student/athletes.
Gene Lezark, Coach/Owner of CJA Wrestling Club is extremely dedicated to his student/athletes well-being.

Lloyd Keaser, 1973 World Champion
and 1976 Silver Medalist, Naval Academy graduate speaks to CJA Wrestling Club athletes. Notice the intensity of CJA Wrestlers.

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